12″ Border Timber

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1 12″ Border Timber, 1 Galvanized Steel Spike. Dimensions: 52″L x 12″T x 4″W

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Includes and features:

  • 12″ Tall Border “Timber”  (also available in 8″ height)
  • 52″ Long x 4″ Thick/wide (timber & spike combined weight: 12.25lbs, does not include pallet weight)
  • These are the strongest borders available in the market due to more inner connection points and thicker wall construction
  • Reversible with “wood grained” on one side and “textured” on the other.
  • Price INCLUDES a galvanized steel spike for a secure installation.
  • Compatible with ADA Playground Access ramp.

Heavy Plastic HDPE Polyethylene molded playground border timbers are warranted for a period for ten years against:

• Structural integrity of the border timber.
• Exclusions: Damages or Product Failure due to Vandalism, Abnormal Weather Conditions and/or Improper Use or Installation.
Warranty period begins upon delivery to customer.
All claims must be made, in writing, and accompanied by a copy of the original Industries invoice.